The $99 Pickleball Set

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What comes in the $99 Pickleball Set?

2 Signature Pickleball Paddles of Your Choice

Thick 13mm core for lots of power

Gritty surface for lots of spin

Lightweight (only 11.03 oz)

Durable construction for hours of play on end

2 Premium Paddle Covers

Store your paddle when not in use

Wont leave any marks on the paddles edges

2 Packs of Pickleballs (6 Balls Total)

40 holes per ball

Made for competitive outdoor play

Holds bounce over time

1 Giant Tote Bag

Large enough to hold all contents of the set and then some

Super durable - 100% Kanvas

Build your own $99 Pickleball Set today!

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It’s an amazing paddle. Super light and durable. As a bonus it looks super cool.

—Connor P, Happy Customer