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What Is Your Process Like?

1-5 Days


We collect your logos and any other design elements then get to work makign a custom pickleball paddle design you'll love. We work with you to iterate on the design until you are fully satisfied.

25-35 days


Once we get an approved design, we'll collect a 50% deposit for the order and start manufacturing. Throughout this process we'll send you updates when we reach key milestones like finishing the molding, finishing printing the paddles, and completing our first full paddle!

10-15 Days


All our pricing includes shipping straight to you. We'll give you a tracking number and keep you posted on any updates as the paddles ship to you.

All in, it takes about 40-50 days from final design to final delivery

Ready to get started?

Fill out our form below and we'll get back to you with a fully custom design!

Custom Pickleball Paddle FAQs

Can I Resell My Paddles?

Of course! We have special deals for brands looking to launch a Pickleball paddle collaboration and would love to work with you!

We can either be a white-label OPM or be a partner to sell and manufacture the paddles with you!

Inquire below and let us know you want to resell the paddles and we’ll route you to the right person

Are custom Pickleball Paddles right for me?

It depends. Do you:

  • Own a business and want to give our really cool swag to your employees/vendors/partners/investors?
  • Manage a team at a business and want to impress your bosses with the coolest swag at the company?
  • Run a sales organization and want to give your team something they’ll like more than a water bottle and use just as much?
  • Have a big event coming up and want Pickleball to be a part of it? Weddings, family reunions, school reunions, etc. (We’ve done all of those and more!)
  • Host pickleball tournaments and want awesome swag to give away?

If you don’t meet any of the criteria above, a set of custom pickleball paddles could still be great for you.

Inquire below and we’ll discuss what you had in mind!

What is the Pricing?

Pricing starts at $59.99 for 20 paddles and the price per paddle gets lower as you order more. This price includes designing, manufacturing, printing, and shipping. Three cheers for all inclusive pricing! 

There are absolutely NO hidden fees

What are the custom paddles made of?

Our custom paddles come form the same design/mold as our normal paddles, so, they’re super good!


  • Thick, Honeycomb core for tons of power
  • Gritty graphite surface for tons of spin
  • XL grip for lots of control and comfort

Need we say more? If we do, inquire below!

Can you do custom balls? Or anything else Pickleball related for that matter?

Yes. We do custom balls, bags, paddles, nets, whatever! If it's pickleball, we can customize it.

How Long Does it Take to Get Custom Paddles?

The timeline for a custom Pickleball Paddle order is roughly as follows:

  1. We collect a design deposit of $100 upfront to begin designing.
  2. We work through as many designs as you need until you are satisfied with it. This usually takes ~1 week but can be quicker depending on how well you know what you want. We are SUPER speedy about getting back to you with custom designs.
  3. After we get an approved design, it usually takes ~40-50 days to manufacture, print, and ship the products.


  • Larger orders can take longer than 40-50 days
  • We have express shipping options available if needed, inquire below for pricing!

What Can I Customize?

Paddle Face Design

  • At any order quantity you can fully customize the paddle face
  • We can take any picture and print it on the paddle with our fancy UV printers!
  • Quality is pretty good too because our printer is so fancy

Edge Guards, Grips, etc.

  • You can choose between black and white edge guards, grips, and grip guard at any quantity
  • For larger orders (200+) we can customize the edge guard, grip, or grip guard color to be anything you want (red, blue, purple, green, Whatever!)
  • Sometimes you can get lucky and we have these fun colors in stock at lower quantities, inquire below to find out!

What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

The minimum order quantity is just 20 paddles!

How long do club Pickleball Paddles last?

club pickleball paddles are manufactured with some of the strongest and most durable materials available for regulation Pickleball paddles. We’re confident they’ll hold up to consistent play for months — and with the right care — even years. Our graphite faces feature UV-printing technology for a high-resolution and wear-resistant face (so your design of choice stays vibrant). Our faux leather grips mold to fit your unique handprint over time and are made to withstand sweaty palms game after game.

What makes graphite Pickleball paddles better than normal ones?

Common Pickleball paddle materials include graphite, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and even wood. The paddle material makes a significant difference in how each hit feels, and how much power you can create behind your swing. Graphite Pickleball paddles are lighter in weight and thinner than most other paddles on the market. Though thin, they’re far from flimsy or weak. Graphite is uniquely stiff, which packs a moderate punch of power but promotes finesse over pure strength.