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This paddle is the butter to our bread - a classic design meant for all levels of play.

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With a club. paddle, you're sure to win. Learn more below 👇


We curated the perfect blend of materials for a friendly, long lasting paddle. Our faces are made from a soft graphite for easy control, our cores are made from a rigid polypropylene for durability, and our grips are a comfortable faux leather.

Print Technology

Our paddles are sure to stand out; that's why we made them! To ensure they stay that way, we UV print our paddle faces to ensure a high resolution graphic that'll last.

What's Included?

Each paddle comes with free shipping, a few club. stickers, and a woven cover to keep you paddle safe when you aren't playing.


Length: 15 2/3 in.

Width: 7 4/5 in.

Thickness 13 mm

Weight: 7.6 oz.

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