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Why try a


To win more games.

Thick Core

To win matches, you need to be able to hit powerful shots. That's why we made our paddles with a thick, 13 millimeter core. You'll love hitting over head slams with a club. paddle.

Gritty Surface

Put your opponent on their heels with a high-grit, carbon graphite paddle face. The spin of your shots will have your opponents guessing at every bounce.


It all comes down to the net in most matches. To make sure you can hit the precision kitchen shots you need, we engineered as light weight of a paddle as possible. Weighing in at just 11 oz, it's sure to do the trick.

Long Handle

Your paddle doesn't matter if you can't hold it right. Our form fitting, larger handles ensure you feel comfortable holding the paddle throughout the whole game.

Build Your Own Set

Pick any two pickleball paddles and get:

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  • The ability to win every match ever (we can't actually guarantee that, but our paddles are pretty good 🤩)

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Plenty of 5 Star Reviews to backup our claims

Here's just a few:

This has become my new favorite paddle! So solid with a beautiful design and comfortable grip. I love the woven case to keep it nice and cozy. The fast shipping was awesome, too!

Candice M.

Verified Buyer

Not only does it look amazing, it is awesome to play with!

Rebecca S.

Verified Buyer

This was the third pickleball paddle that I bought, and I was looking for a little more high quality paddle. "club." gave me exactly what I wanted. This paddle is great in every way.

Luke B.

Verified Buyer

Its so cute!!!! It works so well and i LOVE it. Could not recommend it enough!!! 10/10!

Kate W.

Verified Buyer

I absolutely love my Club paddles and I get so many compliments on the designs. They are a noticeable feel of higher quality than some of the other pickleball paddles I've played with.

Connie F.

Verified Buyer

This paddle is AMAZING! Don't get me started on how cool it looks, but more importantly it feels GREAT in the hand and delivers next level play. club. you have earned a life long fan!

Paul L.

Verified Buyer

I was initially drawn to this paddle for the floral design which I love. The paddle is pretty lightweight and great for control.

Connor M.

Verified Buyer

The colors are vibrant and really stand out from any other pickleball paddle company, and the quality is even better than I'd expected. The paddles also come with a classy, high quality protective case. Great paddle, especially for beginners like me! I will definitely be ordering again

Ashlyn B.

Verified Buyer

Stop Using a Wooden Paddle

See the difference:

Thick and responsive polymer core

USA Pickleball Approved Gritty Surface

Lightweight yet durable frame

Extra large grip

Wooden Pickleball Paddles

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